Intel® P43 Express Chipset

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Desktop PC platforms based on the Intel® P43 Express Chipset, combined with either the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor or Intel® Core™2 Duo processor, deliver performance features to mainstream platforms. The Intel P43 Express Chipset supports the latest 45nm Intel® Core™2 processor family at 1333MHz FSB, dual-channel DDR3, and PCI Express* 2.0 graphics.The Intel® P43 Express Chipset continues to push innovation with capabilities designed to deliver quality, performance and headroom for mainstream PC platforms. The Intel P43 Express Chipset achieves this performance by supporting the latest Intel 45nm dual and quad core processors, enabling increased system bandwidth by supporting industry leading technologies, such as 1333MHz System Bus speed, PCI Express 2.0 graphics, Intel® Fast Memory Access and Intel® Turbo Memory.

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